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  • Looking for My Neighbor

    Looking for My Neighbor

    Saturday mornings make for good talks in our household. Some get up early. Others choose to sleep in. But eventually, we all get together for a cup of coffee and a late breakfast. And we talk.  Each one brings their thoughts and questions to the table, not expecting simple, shallow answers, but rather searching for…

  • What’s Your Season?

    What’s Your Season?

    To everything there is a purpose,A time for every purpose under heaven.Ecc 3:1, NKJV I remember studying viral outbreaks and their impact on society. I was 17 and my biology teacher said, “You don’t have to memorize the details, it’s not like you’ll ever see a pandemic in this part of the world.” Right.  Who…

  • Family in Times of Trouble

    Family in Times of Trouble

    Because family share more than daily routines. We share longings. Victories. Defeat. Vi rejoice together and we mourn together. We celebrate each other’s victories as if they were our own. Because they are.

  • Joseph’s Christmas Letter

    Joseph’s Christmas Letter

    This is our very first Christmas letter, and I know that you’ll get it late. Which is unfortunate, but we’ve been busy. You see, we have a newborn!

  • A Time for Everything

    A Time for Everything

    This is about the season that you’d never choose, but you still don’t want to miss out on.

  • Coming Home

    Coming Home

    Mom knew her Bible. She had studied it for years looking for instructions on how to live, and now, apparently, also on how to die. “It was so easy for Jacob; he just drew his feet up into the bed and breathed his last, and then he was gone.” She looked frustrated while shaking her…

  • Wrapped in a Love Story

    Wrapped in a Love Story

    It’s a privilege to walk the last mile with someone. It’s an even greater privilege to walk through this last phase of life with a parent. And yet. There’s no roadmap. The weather is uncertain. The terrain changes constantly, often several times a day. These are the best and worst of times. And the most…

  • Just Strangers Passing Through – Finding Peace in Turmoil

    Just Strangers Passing Through – Finding Peace in Turmoil

    She appears to be vanishing in the huge hospital bed. Compared to her tiny frame, everything else looks gigantic. Every time I hug her, I hold her gently, careful not to put any weight or apply any pressure.

  • Juggling Marriage and Ministry, Homelife and Service

    Juggling Marriage and Ministry, Homelife and Service

    Some time ago my husband and I were invited to talk to a group of students on how we juggle marriage and ministry. Thomas and I have been married for 26 years. We’ve spent the last 30 years together. Just saying it out loud makes me feel 3 000 years old, but you see, I…

  • What do You Take with You?

    What do You Take with You?

    What have you gained in 2018? What will you bring into 2019 that you didn’t have a year ago? A spouse? Children? Wisdom? A new job? Grief? Knowledge? Grandchildren? Pain? A diagnosis? Hope?   (Do NOT say ‘weight’! Some things are just better left ignored…!)  Jokes aside, these are the questions I’ve been asking myself during…