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  • From “Once Upon a Time” to “Kingdom Come”

    From “Once Upon a Time” to “Kingdom Come”

    2020 was prophesied to be the perfect vision. The double portion. Blessings upon blessings. Voices from all over the world proclaimed 2020 to be the year of fulfillment and jubilee. Nevertheless, this year will be recorded worldwide as the worst year of this generation. It will be remembered for loss and grief, fear and uncertainty.…

  • Receiving Someone Else’s Story

    Receiving Someone Else’s Story

    Sharing our story provides us with a certain distance which allows us to observe ourselves and our walk of life. And as we do, we see the Way Maker at work in our lives, paving the way from Once Upon a Time to Kingdom Come.

  • Encountering Family

    Encountering Family

    “Are you in NY?? We are only a few hours away. Could we meet?” Let me just say, I don’t usually do this. I do not interrupt our family vacation to see people I’ve never met. But this was no ordinary situation.

  • The Art of Giving Thanks

    The Art of Giving Thanks

    Have you recovered from overindulging in turkey and sweet potatoes? Thanksgiving is truly the best US export ever, not merely because of the food bonanza, but because it calibrates our perspective and helps us count our blessings. In Europe the art of giving thanks is mainly centered around Christmas or New Year. The Southern part…

  • 25 Years and I Still Do

    25 Years and I Still Do

    25 years ago, I married my best friend. I am 45 years old and I have spent 29 of them with this amazing man. All our kids are now older than I was when I met Thomas. Come on! Just saying it out loud sounds so weird and at the same time, so wonderfully right.…

  • In the Aftermath of Hatred

    In the Aftermath of Hatred

    Suddenly, there was a chilling gust from the past. The pointed hoods and pitchforks were replaced by baseball caps and dark sunglasses. Racism somehow got domesticated. Explicable. Understandable. The white nationalist march and subsequent murder of a young woman made us all scream with horror and indignation. I wonder if we would have been equally…

  • Tongue-clicking Fools and Other Heroes

    Tongue-clicking Fools and Other Heroes

    I popped by a furniture shop to look for a few things. As I ventured in between beds and sofas I overheard a conversation between two employees. One seemed to be the manager, a tall man in his forties, while the other was younger, energetic, and slightly anxious. I guessed that the younger man was…

  • Family in Mozambique

    Family in Mozambique

    This is the first summer in a few years that we’re not going to Mozambique. Although we get to spend time with family and friends, we miss it terribly because we’ve made family and friends in Mozambique as well. In the Kingdom of God family is not only about genes and bloodlines, but community, dedication…

  • Our Newfound Love for Weed

    Our Newfound Love for Weed

    My husband is the cook of our household. I can cook, but I don’t enjoy it the way he does. He can dream up huge meals and countless courses. I, on the other hand, think of all the people I can invite to dinner. We joke about how we would be starving without him, but…

  • Am I Willing to Pay the Cost?

    Am I Willing to Pay the Cost?

    As we enter the Easter week I’ve been thinking of the price that Jesus paid. He gave his life so that I don’t only get to keep mine, but I get an eternal life. Just like that. At no cost of my own. Salvation is free. However, walking with Jesus might cost me. My Savior,…