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  • From “Once Upon a Time” to “Kingdom Come”

    From “Once Upon a Time” to “Kingdom Come”

    2020 was prophesied to be the perfect vision. The double portion. Blessings upon blessings. Voices from all over the world proclaimed 2020 to be the year of fulfillment and jubilee. Nevertheless, this year will be recorded worldwide as the worst year of this generation. It will be remembered for loss and grief, fear and uncertainty.…

  • What’s Your Season?

    What’s Your Season?

    To everything there is a purpose,A time for every purpose under heaven.Ecc 3:1, NKJV I remember studying viral outbreaks and their impact on society. I was 17 and my biology teacher said, “You don’t have to memorize the details, it’s not like you’ll ever see a pandemic in this part of the world.” Right.  Who…

  • Breakthrough for the Brokenhearted

    Breakthrough for the Brokenhearted

    She was wailing. The sound of a deep-felt grief welled up, forming a tsunami wave that threatened to crush her. The others held their breath as they watched her fight.

  • Receiving Someone Else’s Story

    Receiving Someone Else’s Story

    Sharing our story provides us with a certain distance which allows us to observe ourselves and our walk of life. And as we do, we see the Way Maker at work in our lives, paving the way from Once Upon a Time to Kingdom Come.

  • How God Sees Our Lives

    How God Sees Our Lives

    We are getting ready to welcome another group of students to the Bible school. It’s an exciting time of the year. The staff will gather together and pray for the students as we listen in for God’s word over each and every one of them. It’s nice getting to know them as they really are,…

  • Actively Resting

    Actively Resting

    As many of you know, my husband is recovering from surgery. After a few days of rest, he now has grand ideas about things to do and an equally grand frustration about not being to see them through. Thomas wants to create stuff. He has a million business ideas ready for take-off. Apparently, he wants…

  • Prophecies that will Move You into a New Season

    Prophecies that will Move You into a New Season

    I love being a mom. I’ve always loved it, but possibly even more now that I’m the proud mother of four young adults, ages 16 to 22. Calling a 16-year-old a young adult is stretching it, but hey! – I just scored huge mom points with my youngest one! One of our kids has moved out,…