Breakthrough for the Brokenhearted

«But what is God’s heart for this situation? What does it look like from Heaven?» 

She was wailing. The sound of a deep-felt grief welled up, forming a tsunami wave that threatened to crush her. The others held their breath as they watched her fight.

Many of you will know that I teach on prophecy and healing in a bible school in Norway. This fall has been especially work-intensive, which is why I haven’t been able to blog as much as I used to. Each season comes with different challenges as well as some very special blessings. I’m so grateful that God has placed me in this season of honing my teaching skills.

This year, I have a group of fine prophecy students. As I’ve told you before, they range from 18 to 57 years old, and they are determined to make the most of this year. I love that! I am filled with hope and wonder at the young students who choose to start their adult life at the feet of Jesus. But I’m equally humbled and amazed by the mature adults who take time out of their regular professional life to go back to school, seeking to learn a different way of life with Jesus at the center of it all. 

On a regular Tuesday

6 of the female students were sitting in my living room. We had been sharing a meal, laughing, and praying when one of them suddenly began to cry. She buried her face in her hands and cried quietly for a while before her shoulders started shaking. We asked her if anything was wrong, but she didn’t respond at first. When she finally did, she was barely able to speak as she whispered her grief and desperation. Pain overtook her and she wailed unconsolably. 

The other students waited patiently for her to resurface. One laid a hand on her back and sat quietly by her side. All of them prayed in silence. Finally, she looked up.

“Why did God show you this while you were praying?” I asked. “For what purpose? How does he feel about it? Is he just as frustrated as you are, or does it look differently from his perspective?” 

She rocked back and forth, still crying. 

“What does he want you to do about it? What is your mandate?”

She blew her nose while sobbing. The other students began to move uncomfortably. They wanted to help her, comfort her, make her pain go away. But she was not meant to shy away from this. I was determined to help her through it. 

“What is God saying about this situation? Say it! Begin with, “Father, I thank you for…” and speak out whatever his truth is in this situation.”

One of the others tried to help her get started, but I stopped her. I knew she meant well, but I wanted this heartbroken student to find her way through the fog of desperation to the empowering truth waiting on the other side. I wanted her to learn the power of intercession.


She still cried, but all of a sudden she whispered, “Thank you, Father, for…” . There was a pause as she regrouped in her mind. When she spoke again, it was like hearing a different person. Her voice resounded in the living room as she spoke with power and authority. For several minutes straight she thanked the Father for his perfect plan, for hope and purpose, for specific answers to prayer, for promise and faithfulness, for restoration of ruins, and a greater measure. 

There was such a divine presence in the room. I looked up and saw all the students in wide-eyed awe, staring at this tiny girl who had just discovered the huge intercessor within her. We all knew that we had witnessed a miracle as the Father’s heart was revealed through her. She caught a glimpse, took it, and ran with it.

Something shifted in the heavenly realm that day, as the tiniest warrior I know found her God-given authority and battled the impossible circumstances. 

A life surrendered

How do you fight your battles? How do you respond to whatever you see? Do you break down, paralyzed by fear, or do you ask God for his plan and purpose? When was the last time you saw the God of the impossible act through you? Have you stood up to the father of lies today and spoken out truth, hope and destiny? 

I pray that you will discover the intercessor in you. You shall speak light in the darkness, hope where there’s despair, praise in times of lamentation, and deep, deep joy in the heart of the weary. 

Come forth, warrior!