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  • What’s Your Season?

    What’s Your Season?

    To everything there is a purpose,A time for every purpose under heaven.Ecc 3:1, NKJV I remember studying viral outbreaks and their impact on society. I was 17 and my biology teacher said, “You don’t have to memorize the details, it’s not like you’ll ever see a pandemic in this part of the world.” Right.  Who […]

  • Cancelled Trip and an Aching Heart

    Cancelled Trip and an Aching Heart

    Our upcoming trip to Mozambique was cancelled due to the political unrest in the province of Cabo Delgado. Our hearts go out to the Mozambican people, the evangelists, the missionaries, and the refugees who have fled from piles of ashes that used to be their homes. Many have lost loved ones, and fear is tangible. […]

  • Here Comes the Rain Again

    Here Comes the Rain Again

    We have had heavy rain in Norway these last days. Norwegians are used to all kinds of weather, except dry summers (!), so that usually doesn’t bother us. However, this time it was slightly different. We’ve had a lot of rain. Like, ‘cars and houses disappearing’ kind of rain. You know, the ‘don’t go looking […]

  • The Landmine in Our Garden

    The Landmine in Our Garden

    We were on our way to our cabin for a few days of rest when a text message from our neighbor ticked in. “Thomas, I studied the new deck you’ve been working on. Right next to it there’s a device that looks very much like a WWII landmine. Shouldn’t professionals deal with that?” Attached was […]

  • Fears, flavors and non-toxic relationships

    Fears, flavors and non-toxic relationships

    ”Yikes!” I screamed. ”There’s a tiny green larva crawling over me!” I shouted, squirmed, and squatted, all actions indicated to move my husband, AKA my knight in shining armor, into action. Not happening. He glanced at me before stating, “At least you know that you’re not toxic.” Say what? “He nodded thoughtfully: “Yeah, it would […]