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  • Joseph’s Christmas Letter

    Joseph’s Christmas Letter

    This is our very first Christmas letter, and I know that you’ll get it late. Which is unfortunate, but we’ve been busy. You see, we have a newborn!

  • Goodness vs. Chaos 1-0

    Goodness vs. Chaos 1-0

    There was such a strange atmosphere of confusion and annoyance. Tensions were building. I had an idea.

  • Finding Joy in Troubled Times

    Finding Joy in Troubled Times

    Recently, a friend went home to be with Jesus. His wife described their life together so beautifully: “It’s been a hard and painful journey, but we chose to dance in the rain.” Tears welled up in my eyes as I read it – tears of sorrow because I sensed her grief, but also tears of…

  • How do You Hold On to Faith in the Dark Season?

    How do You Hold On to Faith in the Dark Season?

    Things changed. Life got difficult. You lost someone. Suddenly, your employer didn’t need your services anymore. Your friends left. Your kids grew up and moved on with their lives, leaving you insecure of your identity. Maybe the changes took place within you? Cancer stole your dreams for the future. The accident left your body unable…