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  • The Gifts We Give

    The Gifts We Give

    What kind of gifts would Jesus appreciate? What does he want from me?

  • Joseph’s Christmas Letter

    Joseph’s Christmas Letter

    This is our very first Christmas letter, and I know that you’ll get it late. Which is unfortunate, but we’ve been busy. You see, we have a newborn!

  • The Selah Christmas

    The Selah Christmas

    These are strange days. Busy, but yet so very quiet. We approach these holidays slowly. Carefully. Patiently. While most people rush from one Christmas party to another, we have little energy left to squander. This is our Selah moment.  The splendor light of heaven’s glorious sunriseis about to break upon us in holy visitation,all because…

  • Hope, Hurt and Hospitals

    Hope, Hurt and Hospitals

    ”I’m in pain! And I blame God!” The tiny woman in front of me shot off a verbal projectile the very moment I saw her. The hurt and disappointment in her eyes were overwhelming. She is such a prayer warrior, always lifting up people in need before the Lord. So, why had he not protected…

  • The Gift No-one Else can Give

    The Gift No-one Else can Give

    I feel I’ve been wrapping gifts for weeks. There’s not all that many, but I’ve spent days and weeks thinking about what to get for each of my loved ones. What do they want? What would make them happy? Is there any gift that I could give them that would make them feel known and…

  • Ornaments of Gratitude

    Ornaments of Gratitude

    It was dark. We spoke softly, careful not to wake our son. After hours of screaming in pain, our one-year-old was finally asleep in the hospital metal crib next to us. My husband was telling me of an experience that he had while traveling. He had heard  someone explain a special tradition they had. Each…